On Grid Systems

The on-grid solar system (grid tie or connected solar system), is the most cost effective than the off grid and hybrid solar system. Because which is help to reduce your electricity bill. Using inveters DC current (genarating by solar panels) convert in to AC current. If the system is genarating more power than is being consumed, extra power is feed into the main eletrcity grid via solar net metering. You will pay for your balance units by CEB.

Advantage of the On-grid solar system

  • Installation cost compare is less than other types of solar systems.
  • You can save your electricity bill up to 100%.
  • Utilities the 100% solar power produced by solar panel.
  • Export the surplus solar power to main electricity grid.
  • No limitation of load, run all connected load with grid sharing.
  • Common type of solar system for larger power consumers.
  • No battery bank, no recurring cost.
  • ROI in 3-5 years, life 25-30 years.

Disadvantages of the On-grid solar system

  • Ff electricity gone system will shut down.
  • No power backup if electricity gone down.

Our solar system comes with a 25 year performance warranty, 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, and 10 year warranty on workmanship (including installation).

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