Hybrid Solar Systems

A ‘Hybrid Solar System’ is a solar power system that utilises both solar energy and battery storage to provide power to your home or business. The stored energy in the battery allows this system to work as a backup supply, giving you consistent energy long after the sun sets.

How does a Hybrid Solar System work?

Just like any solar panel system, this system lets you draw energy from the sunlight during the day. The difference is that any excess energy that your solar system produces would charge the batteries connected to the unit. After the battery is charged, any excess continues to go back to the grid at your current feed-in-tariff rate.

Once the sun goes down, your home or business will use the battery as your electricity source rather than drawing from the grid. If your property draws more electricity than the stored amount in your battery, you can still pull electricity from your connected grid as well, until your system starts producing electricity again. The result is a reliable, constant electricity supply at a fraction of the cost of regular from-the-grid electricity.

Can I use my electricity supply during power outages?

Yes, say goodbye to blackouts! If you have an Emergency Power Supply (EPS) device installed, hybrid solar gives you the added benefit of using your stored solar energy in the event of a power outage. This means you’ll never have to worry about being without electricity during a storm or rolling blackout. With EPS, the batteries will give you uninterrupted power. With our Hybrid Solar Systems, we offer EPS devices as an option depending upon your home or business needs.

Does hybrid solar give me control of our energy consumption rates?

Hybrid solar systems can save you money in a number of ways. For example, many homeowners are not at home during the day to take advantage of the peak usage times during the week. A hybrid system can help you take control of your energy usage by shifting back and forth between sources and managing your consumption rates.

Our Hybrid Solar Systems have a proven track record of minimising (in many cases nullifying and even going to credits) the power bills for our household customers. For businesses with high electricity needs, the flexibility and control of a hybrid system can increase your return on investment.

Our hybrid solar panel system comes with a 25 year performance warranty, 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, and 10 year warranty on workmanship (including installation).

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